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Ukraine is the largest country in Eastern Europe. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine located on the Dnieper river in north-central Ukraine. The country has a common land border with Poland in the west, Belarus in the north, Romania and Moldova in the south-west and Russia in the east.

The country has a 134 national minorities, catholic churches, mosques, prayer houses, in-depth studies of national cultures etc. Ukraine has a few natural lakes scattered over the river floodplains.

Climate of the Ukraine country influenced by moderately warm, humid air from the Atlantic ocean. Usually, the winter in the west are considerably milder than east.

Average annual temperature is in the range about 5.5-7 degree celsius. January is the coldest month in Ukraine. July is the hottest month of the country with an average temperature of 23 degree celsius.

The majority of people in Ukraine speak Ukrainian language belonging to the Russian and Belarusian language. The net population of Ukraine is around 4,71,10,000 standing at 26 number among the population of 193 nations of the world.

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