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Low cost of living

The living cost of Ukraine is lower which is around $100 to $200 per month. The cost may vary as per lifestyle of a student in Ukraine.

No Entrance Test

The test like TOEFL or IELTS not required for admission to Ukraine. Eligible candidates will get direct admission to medical universities in Ukraine.

Low tuition fees

Medical education in Ukraine is relatively cheaper than in India. In Ukraine, the students can pursue their medical education at affordable prices.

International Exposure

Lucrative job opportunities are provided to international students after education from Ukraine. International exposure is given to foreign students since Ukrainian universities are affiliated to universities abroad.

Education in English Standard

English is the language of study in most of the universities in Ukraine. Medical institutions of Ukraine offers innovative and practical education which is recognized worldwide.Top medical universities in Ukraine have a vast curriculum taught in the English language.

Safe Country

Ukraine is one of the safest countries to live in. For accommodation, the universities have their own hostels and canteen which is monitored by the university’s administration. Most of the foreign students are attracted by European culture by living a fruitful life in Ukraine.

Amenities & Facilities

Medical universities in Ukraine offers a comfortable stay, libraries, hospitals, gyms, halls for concerts, gathering, laboratories and other training facilities. The universities also have a sports complex and cultural center which organizes various events for the students.

Personal Development program

The medical universities in Ukraine not only provide quality education also organize personal development program for medical students. The program includes innovative activities, contests, brainstorming sessions, scientific conferences, research programs, etc.

4000+ Indian students studying medicine in Ukraine

More than 4000+ students studying medicine in Ukraine at an affordable price. Familiar assistance is provided by the university while foreign students are staying away from their home country.

Worldwide Accepted Degree

The medical degree in Ukraine is recognized globally ensures a world-class education system. Students will acquire the best learning and teaching experience to maintain a balance between practical and theoretical knowledge.

Quality Medical Education

Ukraine is served as an emerging study hub for excellent medical education at affordable pricing. Since from past years, the number of foreign students moves to Ukraine for medical education. It is the best place to pursue an education in medicine.

International Student’s Support

Ukraine Medical Universities assist the international students by offering several benefits such as availing home loans, scholarships and many more. Institutes also have an Anti-ragging committee to avoid ragging issues of international students.

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